Gaming Club App

You can now enjoy your favourite games and bet on the go with the latest Gaming Club app on your mobile devices. The website was launched in 1995 and has been one of the oldest and most enjoyed gaming websites ever since.

Due to the vast demand from customers and the interest in gamers playing from all across the globe, the company has launched their mobile app that appeals to all devices and makes your gaming experience all the more fun and joyful.

In addition to that, you can also enjoy great bonuses and promotions on your mobile app while you indulge in some real-time action.

Interface and Compatibility

The mobile app has a wonderful look and feel, an easy to use interface and a beautiful design that interests all users. It can be downloaded on all your devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry among others. Each game on your mobile app is well-designed to keep in mind the space and screen size of your phones. You will not feel uncomfortable while playing these games since their sizes are modified to suit your mobile handsets.


You have a choice of various games including mobile poker, progressive jackpots, mobile blackjack, baccarat, mobile roulette tables and much more! For slot lovers, you will surely not be disappointed with the varied choice of options the games offer. The app is created for all kinds of gaming enthusiasts and has been developed with great technology and enhanced skills. Each aspect of the mobile app has been carefully thought to make the mobile gaming experience an unforgettable one.


Powered by Microgaming software, the gaming app ensures that the user experience is excellent at all times.

Welcome Bonus and Promotions

In order to make customers install and enjoy the mobile app, the company also offers a great welcome bonus for all users who download the app. Once you start using the mobile app, you are given a generous welcome bonus that helps you get started and lets you have unlimited fun while you are on the! Another salient feature of the app is that it allows users to choose from a number of daily promotions and bonuses that can be availed through the app itself.


The Gaming Club has ensured that all customers’ safety and security is taken care of at all times on the mobile app. Even when you make financial transactions on the app through your mobile device, you need not worry about the security since all the information given by you is carefully stored and protected throughout. Your privacy is also duly maintained, leaving no stone unturned to give you a secure gaming and betting experience.

Customer Service

You can avail the customer service through the mobile app without any hassles. You can reach the team of experts and get in touch with them regarding any problem that you may face during operations on the app.

In case you are unable to complete any financial transactions or any game seems difficult to understand while you are on the app, you can immediately reach the customer support team through live chat and get your query resolved through email and fax 24/7, all days of the year. This kind of excellent and timely customer service ensures that your gaming experience is smooth and uninterrupted at all times.

Gaming Club is a wonderful experience for gamers and betting enthusiasts. You get a chance to make a lot of money and enjoy your favourite games! The best part is that you do not need to be home to do this anymore. You just need a good internet connection on your smart phone and you are good to go! Keep playing, keep winning; anytime, anywhere!

5 Best Sports Betting Software Betting Systems

Do you enjoy watching your favourite sports every time it plays on TV?

Are you interested in making some money while you are enjoying your sport?

Do you think watching your game and making money from it would be the perfect combination in the world?

If yes, you should definitely consider sports betting. Many people who enjoy the sports are better at betting and can understand the stakes and games much easily. Also, if you really enjoy the game, you put in much more hard work into analysing it and therefore, it results in more chances of your winning.

For many people, watching games is just restricted to a hobby. But if you want to make it more productive and make some money with the help of your favourite games, sports betting systems will surely bring you one step closer to your goal.

There are multiple softwares available in the market for sports bettors that allow them to play more and win more! They guide you towards the winning streaks and help you determine better winning chances. Also, most of the software are extremely user friendly and help users easily understand and bet uninterrupted with the help of these systems.

Here is a list of the five best sports betting software systems.

#1-Microbrothers WinPicks

This one definitely tops the list for sports betting software system. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to understand. Anyone can get started with the software and win easily. The software helps you determine your winning chances and also helps you check on the predictions. Also, the strategies of this software have a good winning record in the past, which makes it a favourite among bettors.

#2-Pro Football Forecast

If you are into football and want to bet on the NFL, this software is definitely made for you. The Pro Football Forecast is specialised software for football lovers that give you many detailed stats for the game. The perspective offered by this software is unique and precise, something that you won’t find anywhere else.


This software helps you determine the final score and makes it easier for you to make an informed decision on your bets. The software takes into account all the statistics, possibilities, works with numbers and injuries of players before giving you an estimate of who might win.

Once the software run is done, it will give you an average score. If you like a reassurance on your bet or want to confirm your strategies with pure numbers, this is the software you must invest in.

#4-ZCode System

ZCode is a famous software for sports bettors. It has an 86.5% success rate and gives bettors a great chance to win more. Using their A-B-C betting technique, the software has given many users a good chance to celebrate their bets.

ZCode is constantly updated and it gives you ample information to work on your bets. The best part about this software is that it gives you all the required facts and figures to place your bets on the winning side. The customer support for this software is also excellent, making sure you are never left unsatisfied once you make your purchase of the software

#5-Stat Attack Sports

As the name suggests, this is the best software for statistics in sports betting. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many stats you are given for each game bet. For those who like staying updated with all the facts and figures before they place their bets, this is surely a great software to invest in.

Depending on your favourite sport and your requirement of betting software, you can choose from a wide variety of sports betting software systems available in the market.

888Ladies App

Launched in February 2008, is an online bingo site owned by Cassava. After the acquisition of Globalcom, an online bingo company, 888 formed the current bingo company. 888ladies offers 90-ball and 75-ball bingo game to its members. Although, they established themselves almost six years ago, they launched their mobile app very recently. At the time of the launch, only a 90-ball bingo game was available and the only compatible mobile device was an iPhone. However, all that has changed now with the introduction of more games and compatibility to all mobile devices with Android and iOS.

Four Ways to Install 888ladies Mobile App

With the advanced technology, it’s now possible to get their free app on to your mobile devices in four ways. However, at the moment, this app is compatible on iOS mobiles and tablets and Android smart phones only. They will be making it available for Android tablets very soon.

#1-The Traditional Browser Search

This way requires you to just search for their app in your mobile device’s browser. Very simple, go to a search engine, type what you’re searching for. In this case, 888ladies mobile app, wait for the results to load, click on the result that you think is correct, and simply follow the instructions. It’s as easy as that!

#2-Scan QR Code

This may not be the most popular way, but 888ladies has made it available for people who would like to scan the code and get the app on their mobile devices. Although, for this option, you’ll need to visit their official website, scan the code and follow the instructions that are given to you.

#3-App Store

888ladies app is probably one of the few apps that has been made available on the app store as well. All you need to do is visit the app store icon on your iPad or iPhone. This icon will be on your home screen. Next, you’ll need to tap on the search icon and search for 888ladies in the search bar.

As soon as the 888ladies app appears on the screen, first tap on Free and then on Install. A pop up may appear to input your Apple password, so that you’ll be able to complete the download. Once the app is completely installed, you’ll be able to access the app from your device’s home screen.

#4-Through Texts

This is the fourth option that 888ladies offers customers who are interested in installing their app on their mobile devices. All you need to do is text 888ladies to 88811. On receiving your text, they will send you a link that will let you download the app on to your mobile device. All you need to do is click on the link and follow the instructions. However, you need to remember that the text you send will not be free and is chargeable depending on the mobile network you are on.

Look and Feel of the 888ladies App

The app looks exactly like their website. So, if you’re an existing customer using their online version, you’ll have absolutely no issues navigating around the app and figuring a way around. The existing members don’t need to create a separate account to log in to the app through their mobile devices, they can use the same details that they have been using while visiting their online version.

As soon as you log in, you’ll be greeted by their bingo lobby. Here you can select the games that you’d like to play and proceed ahead. A wide range of bingo rooms and the bingo games being played will be displayed. Tap on the room that you’d like to play in and buy the bingo tickets. The interesting thing about this app is that you can view the tickets full-screen, go through the entire list and buy accordingly. Essentially, this app is quite self-explanatory, so, you’ll have no problem figuring it out.

The chat feature has also been integrated in this app. What’s more is that, you’ll be able to access all the chat rooms that are available on their online version as well. All you need to do is select the chat option and the chat box pop-up will appear. So, while playing the bingo games, you can also chat with everyone in the specific bingo rooms.

Welcome Bonuses

Just like most other bingo apps, 888ladies app also has welcome bonuses for their new members. At the moment, their ongoing welcome bonus gives you £5 and a 200% welcome bonus on your first deposit. So, if you deposit £10, you’ll have a neat £35 in all to start buying bingo tickets and playing.

More than Bingo at 888ladies…

888ladies realises that not all their members like only bingo. They need a bit of variety. So, they also a good collection of Instant Win games that you can enjoy playing here.

Intercasino App

One of the very first sites to see the light of day online, way back in 1996 was Intercasino. Since then, they have been able to offer non-stop fun and entertainment to their members. They also won major awards and accolades on the way taking them into the big leagues. Recently, their website went through a major overhaul and did away with their standard forest green colour scheme that was a reminiscent of a baize card table. Instead, they now have a sleek and smooth looking website, which is easy to navigate and play games. They opted for a contemporary look, which makes the website inviting to both, existing as well as new members.

Intercasino Mobile App

Staying with the times, Intercasino has also launched a mobile app. With this app, as a member, you’ll get access to a limited selection of games. But, these games are more than enough to keep you entertained when you’re commuting to and from work or have a lot of time on hand when you’re out and about.

The Welcome Bonus offered by the Intercasino Mobile App

This is something that no app can ignore. Welcome bonuses are the order of the day, and without them they will be unable to attract new customers. So, for their new customers they are offering a huge 100% match bonus up to £250. This means that if you’d like to take complete advantage of this bonus, you need to make an initial deposit of £250. To match this, Intercasino will additionally credit £250 into your account. This means you’ll have a staggering £500 to start playing.

You don’t even need to wait or contact customer support to credit your bonus into your account like some other apps. The moment you make your first initial deposit, the bonus will be credited into your account without any issues.

This is a lot of money as most of the games cost only a few pence to start playing. This bonus can be used on any of the casino games like Roulette, Blackjack or Slots.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices

The Intercasino app is compatible with most of the smart phones. So, whether you or your friends own an iPhone 4S, iPad or a Blackberry, you’ll be able to play their casino games wherever you are. All you need is a great internet connection, so that you don’t get logged out.

Even if you happen to get disconnected from any of the games that you’re playing, Intercasino will not touch anything. The moment you’re able to log back in, you’ll be taken to the same game, and the exact place where you left off.

Games Offered via the App

The Intercasino app has a limited selection of games, but, they are some of the most popular games that you’ll ever find. So, you’ll not really miss anything while playing through the app. Some of the games that you can enjoy are a renowned slot game, the Incredible Hulk. They also have variations of Roulette. Another favourite game that seems to be a hit among many members is the classic game of Blackjack.

These are just a few games that they offer. There are many other games that you can search and play via the app.

Look and Feel of the App

The Intercasino app is very pleasing to look at and easy to use. It’s self-explanatory, so you’ll have absolutely no issues using it. There’s a Weekly Calendar feature that will update you about the upcoming games that will be played in the next seven days. They also have a regular update feature that will keep you updated about the latest games that they are introducing, promotions, offers and even the winners. So, in spite of not logging in everyday, you’ll still know what’s happening with them.

The VIP Club via the App

Not many apps have this feature, but Intercasino has always remained loyal to its most loyal members. So, if you’re one of them, you’ll also be given an opportunity to join their VIP Club. As you may be aware, being part of any VIP Club comes with its own set of benefits and advantages.

The same holds true for the Intercasino VIP members as well. You’ll get access to some of the most amazing games, promos and offers that are exclusive to VIP members only. Some of the freebies that you can expect are free passes to international branches across the globe, free credits and spins for various casino games.

Another advantage of being part of this elite club is that you can customise your bonus structure with something called as My Bonus 4 Life. This is another way of showing that Intercasino really cares about its members and always ensures that it’s a great experience being with them. Get the app today to be a part of this amazing casino experience.

Coral Betting App

Established almost 90 years ago in 1926, Coral has been around in the gambling industry for a very long time. They had very humble beginnings where Coral was pitched alongside a few greyhound circuits in the UK. They have come an extremely long way since then and own over 1,600 betting outlets across the UK. Not only that, they also have a very strong online presence. Their website was launched in 2002 and now they have even launched a mobile betting app compatible with all the smart phones.

The Coral app is a neat little download for all those who love to bet on the UK sports. It provides an amazing coverage on some of the most popular sports like horse racing, football, and greyhound racing. They also have some of the best odds that you may not find anywhere else, along with a great In-Play betting platform.

Some Awesome Bonuses and Promotions

Most of the other online gaming websites offer some great bonuses once you sign up with them and download their betting apps. To compete with them and even offer better bonuses, Coral also has some fantastic bonuses for its app users. The moment you download the Coral app on to your mobile device, you’ll be given up to £50 worth of bets absolutely free.

The best part is that you don’t need to deposit any amount. All you need to do is sign up with Coral from a compatible mobile device. If you register through your mobile device, then you only need to follow the instructions to download the app on to your phone. However, if you register via your PC or laptop, then you’ll need to follow the download instructions that are available on their official website. Either way, when you download the app on to your mobile device, you’ll be eligible for their bonus.

Design and Feel of the Coral App

Unlike some other apps that have a rather glamorous look, the Coral betting app has focused more on functionality. Hence, you may find it quite plain looking. So, with the Coral app, you get right down to the main thing that is wagering your bets and winning some moolah!

That being said, due to its plain-Jane look, the layout of the app works out to be quite effective, and also extremely easy-to-use, basically rendering it self-explanatory. So, this app is a great choice for punters looking to make some serious money out of it. The straightforward colours of blue and white and very little graphics/animations make this app quite fast. It becomes extremely effortless to scroll and navigate around without any of the graphics slowing it down.

The information that you’ll find here is very detailed, yet minimum. So, you’ll find details like the races, the time, the odds and the line-up, basically, all the important details that a punter would need without the need of any excessive information that may not really be helpful. Since browsing on the app is seamless, the bettors will find it very efficient and fast.

Interface and Features of the Coral App

As soon as you click the app, you’ll land on the homepage by default. Here, you can select the full list of markets that are available on this app. If you’re looking for some specific market, then you can head on over to the drop-down option where you can choose ‘next five races’ or ‘next five sports events’. The next five races option will let you wager quick bets on the upcoming horse races, while the next five sports events will let you select big sporting events like any football games, F1 races, Wimbledon or any other major tourneys that will be taking place that specific day.

Since the Coral app focuses on functionality rather than any glitz and glamour, wagering bets through this app is very efficient. You’ll be able to place your bets quickly making it one of the best tools for live betting or their well-known In-Play betting feature. This feature has been extended to all the premium European football leagues, cricket and rugby. As the games progress, a bettor will be able to raise the stakes as the games pan out.

If you’ve ever had trouble calculating while placing a bet, then this is also taken care of by the Coral app. They have a cool little feature called the ‘in-app’ calculator. This can be used while the games are on. So, you can quickly calculate using this app instead of struggling to figure out the small details on your own.

The Coral app also supports Virtual Games 24/7. So, if there are no real tourneys going on, you can head on over to the virtual games section where matches and races begin every 90 seconds. This is a great way to win some instant cash prizes at any time and from anywhere.

Wink Bingo App

Powered by a gaming software that is owned by Brigend Limited, Wink Bingo is one of the popular online bingo sites. Brigend Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cassava Enterprises. Wink Bingo recently release their mobile app. Compatible with most of the latest smart phones and tablets out there, this is one app that you’ll want to download as well. What’s more is that, this app is completely free, and is also available on the app store. So, you don’t really have to go looking for it.

In spite of this, Wink Bingo offers four different ways in which you can get this app on to your mobile device. If you install the app today, you’ll also be eligible for a welcome bonus that is exclusively meant for their new members. Let’s take a look at all the ways in which you can also get this app.

#1-Search Engines

The simplest of all the ways is by looking for them on the search engines. All you need to do is go to your device’s browser and search for ‘wink bingo app’. All the results will be displayed immediately. Select the best one and proceed to download the app. There will be instructions given. So, you’ll not have any trouble installing it on your mobile device. At the moment, this app can be used on all iOS and Android handsets.

#2-Scan QR Code

If you visit their official website, you’ll notice that they have displayed a QR code on their page. Simply scan it and follow the instructions that will be given to you. The app should be downloaded, installed and ready-to-play in no time.

#3-App Store

Well, this goes without saying that people using Apple products will only be able to use this method to get the app on to their mobile devices. There should already be an app store icon on the home screen of your iPad or iPhone. You’ll need to tap on the Search icon and type Wink Bingo in the search bar that you see at the top. The Wink Bingo app screen should appear. Once it does, select Free and then Install App. You may need to input your Apple password so that the installation can be completed successfully. Once it’s done installing, you can now log in and start playing via your mobile device.

#4-Use Text

You can also use texts to get the app installed on to your mobile. For that, you’ll need to text WINK to the number 88811. Once they receive your text, they will text you a link from where you’ll be able to download the app on to your phone. Just follow the simple instructions and the app will be installed within a few minutes. However, you need to remember that this will not be free. In a sense, depending on your mobile operator, the text that you send will be charged.

Registering and Depositing via the Wink Bingo App

Now that you have the app installed on your mobile device, the next best thing is to explore the app and start playing. To access the app, you’ll need to sign up with Wink Bingo. The best part is that you can do that through the app and you’ll still be eligible for a welcome bonus unlike some other apps.

As soon as you sign up, and deposit into your account, you’ll get the 200% welcome bonus meant for new members. However, there’s one additional step that you’ll need to do in order to play Spin the Wheel, their welcome bonus game. You’ll need to log in through your laptop or PC and contact their customer support team via Live Chat. You’ll need to inform them that you’ve deposited as well as registered via the mobile app. They will immediately enable the game so that you can win the additional £15 as your welcome bonus. Wink Bingo guarantees that this is the minimum that you’ll get at any cost.

Another feature that they are yet to introduce is the withdrawing your winnings through the app. At the moment, you need to log in through your laptop or PC and withdraw your earnings.

Games Only Exclusive to the Wink Bingo App

Usually, certain games that are available through an online bingo site is not available through their respective app, however, it’s a little different with the Wink Bingo app. In fact, they have introduced certain games that can be played on through the app. So, games like Disco Dollars, Gold Rich, Poseidon, The Slot, Filthy Rich and Knight Quest are meant only for the app users. These games will not be found on their website.

Of course, in addition to these games, the games that are also available on their website are available through their app. Wink Bingo has been introducing several games since they first launched their mobile app. So, you’ll literally find a variety of games here.

Tombola Bingo App

As more and more online bingo websites are introducing mobile apps, Tombola Bingo also decided to be a part of this ongoing trend and released its mobile app a few months back. Although, it was launched late in comparison to the other mobile apps, it definitely outdid all of them in terms of quality and features.

Being one of Britain’s most renowned bingo sites, Tombola Bingo is a firm that is based out of Sunderland. They have been in the bingo business for more than 50 years now and have been providing bingo tickets to newspapers and the traditional bingo halls.

The online arm of this company was founded in 2000. In fact, from 2005 to 2008, Tombola Bingo provided their bingo website to the prominent Sun newspaper. However, since then they have been an independent bingo provider. Considering the fact that it’s a bingo website, Tombola Bingo does have more bingo games than any other. But, it does have a few card games that you can play.

Downloading the Tombola Bingo App

The best part about downloading the Tombola Bingo app is that you don’t need to create an account to do it. You can download it on to your mobile device. This app works on smart phones as well as tablets. It works on all mobile devices that have Android or iOS as their operating systems. Of course, to play the games offered by the Tombola Bingo app, you’ll need to sign up with them.

The Well-Known Welcome Bonus

Most of the mobile apps give welcome bonuses in some form or the other. Tombola Bingo app also offers £30 on your first deposit of £10. So, essentially you have £40 to begin with. It’s a huge amount if you consider the prices of the bingo tickets. Priced at barely 1p or 2p per ticket, you can purchase a whole lot of tickets and play your favourite games.

You need to remember one thing though, to be able to keep the bonus, you’ll need to use it all up before you can withdraw your earnings. This is the case with most other mobile apps as well.

The Tombola Bingo App

After you’ve downloaded the app, and signed up with them, you need to log in to actually use the app and start playing the games that they offer through the app. In most other online gaming websites and their respective apps, not all the games are available on the app. Similarly, not all the games that are available on the Tombola website is available on the app, the options are limited. But, most of the time, popular games are available on the app. So, you’ll not really be missing out on anything.

The moment you log in, the home page will load on your screen. The home page includes a banner informing you about the promotional offers they have. The design is very simple, and it’s extremely easy to use. All the available games are displayed in a menu that you can scroll through at the top of the page. Another great feature of this app is that all the latest news is displayed on the home page. So, every time you log in, you’ll immediately know what’s new and what the latest promotional offers are.

Something that’s unique to this app is the ability to deposit and withdraw funds through it. Not many apps support this feature. You can also check your transaction history whenever you want. If you like playing games until very late in the night, then you can do so. If you ever face any issues while playing, you can always contact their customer support who is available until 2:00 am.

A dedicated winners’ section lets you look at who has been winning which games. This is a damn good feature as you’ll know exactly which game has been giving good returns. Another awesome thing that this app lets you do is play multiple games at a time. All you need to do is hop back and forth from the games without worrying too much about losing your money or your winnings not getting credited into your account.

The Games at Tombola Bingo App

Just like other apps, even the Tombola Bingo app has a limited selection of games for their app. But, the games that they have are quite interesting. Mentioned below are some of the games that you’ll find on this app.

Bingo 90

This is the traditional 90-ball bingo game where you can win one line, two lines or the full house. The bingo ticket prices range from 10p to 50p, and you’ll also find progressive jackpot games available here. These games are played in five different clubs that have 15 chat rooms.


This is an interesting version of bingo. Instead of matching the numbers that are usually called, this game makes use of playing cards. So, instead of buying the regular bingo tickets with numbers on them, you’ll be buying a row of playing cards. The stakes range from 5p to 40p, and the jackpots are between £125 and £20,000.

Sky Bingo App

Sky Bingo is the online bingo arm of Sky Betting and Gaming, a British-based gambling company that is headquartered in Leeds, West Yorkshire and Isleworth, London. Sky Bingo is one of the core brands of this firm. Licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Sky Bingo has recently introduced a mobile app. Compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices, this app is extremely convenient. It’s free of cost and is also available at the App Store.

Downloading the Sky Bingo App

Getting this app on to your mobile devices is extremely simple. However, you need to ensure that you first sign up with them and then download this app on to your mobile device. The only reason being that without a valid account, you may not be eligible for the welcome bonus that they offer their new members. In order to claim the free £20 worth of bonuses all you need to do is deposit £5.

Once you have created an account with them and deposited the £5, you can go ahead and download the app. If you’re downloading on your iPod, iPhone or iPad, you can visit iTunes and download it from there as they have made it available on the app store.

If you’re using an Android mobile device you need to visit their official website. Once you land on the website, a pop-up will give you an option to download their app on to your tablet or smart phone.

Since their website is mobile-friendly as well, if you’re using a Windows mobile or a Blackberry, you can access their website through your smart phone. All you need to do is go to your web browser on your phone and type This will take you to their landing page.

Getting the app on any of the devices is very simple. Everything is self-explanatory, and all you need to do is follow the instructions that are provided to you.

Look and Feel of the Sky Bingo App

The moment you log in, whatever your current balance is will be displayed on the top right corner of the app at all times. This is a very convenient option as you’ll know exactly how much balance you have. This will instantly tell you if you need to deposit more or if you have enough to carry on playing.

The Sky Bingo app is extremely well-designed and easy-to-understand. Basically, everything is self-explanatory and you’ll have no issues navigating around the app. Another great feature of this app is that you can return to the bingo lobby at any point event when a game is on. However, the game will be played in your absence and any winnings will be credited into your account. So, essentially, you can look around as the game is being played in the background.

Bingo Games on the Sky Bingo App

The amazing range of bingo games will also be displayed just under it. So, you can select from BOGOF 5p or Deal or No Deal bingo games that are available to be played. The best part about their bingo games is that every new game starts at a gap of about 30 seconds. So, by the time you select what you want to play and which room, you can start playing bingo immediately.

The bingo games will let you buy up to 72 tickets for most of their bingo games; however, you need to remember that for the BOGOF bingo games, you can purchase a maximum of five tickets only. Playing bingo on the Sky Bingo app is very exciting. As you continue playing and depending on the number of bingo cards that you’ve bought, the ones that have better chances of winning move closer to the top. When you reach a point when you’re only one number away from winning, this app plays a heartbeat sound and starts vibrating. So, along with you feeling the thrill and excitement of winning, your mobile device also feels it.

Other Games on the Sky Bingo App

At the moment, there are only two games that are available other than their bingo games. They are Bingo Scratch and Clover Rollover. However, more games will be added in the future. These games are easily accessible through this app. If you observe the landing page, you’ll see 777 at the bottom of the page. Selecting this will take you to these games.

Clover Rollover is a slots game that has a jackpot of a staggering £300,000 plus. Since it’s a progressive jackpot, it’ll keep changing. So, by the time you visit, this number must have definitely increased. You can spend a minimum of 50p and a maximum of £5 in this game.

Bingo Scratch is basically a scratch card game. The main objective of this game is to match pictures in order to win. The scratch cards are available for £1.

All in all, the Sky Bingo app is a must-have. It also lets you deposit and withdraw your winnings through this app unlike some other apps where you can only deposit through them. Their ticket view is very simple making it easy for anyone to play the games efficiently.

Party Casino App

Party Casino is one of the leaders in the online gambling industry. They have some of the best and most entertaining games that you can play at any time. Most of these online casinos are open 24/7. So, anytime you feel like you can log in and start playing. There are absolutely no restrictions, except that a member needs to be at least 18 and above. With vibrant graphics and realistic sounds, playing the games at Party Casino is a lot of fun. It’s very easy to navigate around, and finding your way around the website is a breeze. This because the casino software that they use has been specially created for Party Casino, and is not found anywhere else.

The Party Casino Mobile App

You don’t have to be in one place to play games at Party Casino. In keeping with the times, even Party Casino have launched their mobile app. Now, no matter where you are, you can still enjoy playing their exciting games. You can get the Party Casino app on to your mobile device in two ways.

#1-The Browser

On the browser of your mobile device, go to Once the page opens, follow the instructions and the app will be downloaded within no time. Install it on to your mobile device, and you’re all set to play.

#2-The QR Code

Another popular method of getting the app that is also available with most other online casinos is scanning the QR code. QR code is usually available on their official website. Same is true for Party Casino as well. Visit their website, and scan the QR code.

Welcome Bonus

Most of the apps have welcome bonuses to attract their new members. Of course, the welcome bonuses differ with each online casino, but, all of them are quite attractive. In fact, Party Casino possibly has one of the best welcome bonuses on its app. All you need to do is deposit any amount in the currencies US Dollars, Pound, or Euro and they will credit double the amount. There is no limit on the deposit, but there’s a limit on the bonus amount, which is 750 in any currency. So, for instance, if you deposit £750, you’ll be given an additional £750 to play with. This will bring your total to a staggering £1,500.


The Party Casino app is compatible with all Android and iOS devices. This means you can use the app on the iPhone, iPad, Android smart phones and even Android tablets. Downloading the app on these mobile devices is very easy as well.

However, this app is not available for people in all the countries. It’s available only in select countries. But, the people who are able to sign up and play games using this app can either use real money to play or play with free money. This means that you don’t have to spend your real money to play games initially. If you wish, you can practice the games that are available on the app. Once you’re happy with the way the app functions and the games you’ve played, you can then deposit money into your account and start playing any of the games that you’re happy with.

Games Available

Party Casino mobile app has a great collection of games. They have some great graphics and sound effects, which makes playing the games even more fun and exciting. Some of the casino games that you’ll find here are Roulette, Blackjack, Melon Madness,          Aztec Gold, and Mega Fortune Wheel.


If you love playing roulette, then you’ll really like this app. This app has Roulette as well as European Roulette. All you need to do is place your bets on the numbers that you want to and wait for the wheel to spin. As soon as the ball lands on the number that you’ve placed your bet on, you’ll win as per the bets you have placed.


Compatible with all the mobile devices that use Android and iOS as their operating system, you can play Blackjack wherever you are. The objective of this game is to beat the dealer by getting cards that total to 21 or below, but not above 21. If your cards total more than 21, then you lose the money that you’ve wagered in that particular round.

Melon Madness

A game of slots, this is one of the most popular games on the app. A nice fruity line-up, Melon Madness is a five reel slot game that has some free spins and bonus rounds as well. In fact, this is one of the games that you can either play in the real money mode or the play-money mode. This game is also compatible with mobile devices that have Android and iOS operating systems.

Mecca Bingo App

A UK-based bingo club and social leisure firm, Mecca Bingo has approximately 98 bingo clubs in most major cities and towns across the UK. This company also operates and, which are the extension of the Mecca Bingo brand. An attractive and easy-to-follow website, Mecca Bingo has a number of bingo games that you can play. With some amazing welcome bonuses, and several other promotions and offers always available here, it has a ton of slots and casino games as well. If you ever find yourself getting tired of the bingo games, the multiple casino and slots will keep you entertained all the time.

A part of the RANK Group, Mecca Bingo is licensed and regulated by The Alderney Gambling Control Commission. However, its land-based casinos and bingo clubs are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

The Mecca Bingo App

Along with its online website, Mecca Bingo app is a craze among its members. They have a huge variety of games that can be played on your mobile phone. Unlike some other sites where the prizes and mega jackpots differ depending on where you’re logging in from, Mecca Bingo app ensures that there’s no difference in the prizes irrespective of the location of signing in. To access the Mecca Bingo website from your smart phone, all you need to do is visit via your mobile device.

Compatibility with Operating Systems

The Mecca Bingo app supports all devices that have iOS and Android, which are pretty much the operating systems on most smart phones and tablets these days. What’s more is that, even if you’re a Blackberry owner, you’ll still be able to access the website through your phone. Additionally, it also works on iPad and iPod Touch.

Downloading the Games

As is the case with most mobile apps, even the Mecca Bingo app supports a few games only. But, the games that it supports are more than enough to keep you entertained on the go. Mentioned below are a few fun and exciting games that you can download and play on your mobile devices.

90-Ball Bingo App

This particular game can be downloaded on all those devices that have iOS and Android. When you visit their online website, you’ll see that there are different download options for an Android device and a separate one for all iOS devices. However, there are very specific instructions on the site that you need to follow in order to download this app successfully. The game on this app is very convenient, in a sense, it enables you to buy your bingo tickets before-hand just like it would if you bought them through their website. The jackpots and the prizes also remain the same!

The other game apps that you’ll find at Mecca Bingo are The X-Factor Bingo, Cashline, and Bin-glo Free Play app. However, you also need to know that currently only Cashline and 90-Ball bingo apps are supported on Android devices.

Slots and Games via the Mecca Bingo App

Through the Mecca Bingo app, you’ll be able to play selected slot and casino games on your Blackberry, and a wide range of games on your Android and iOS mobile devices. Some of the games that are compatible with your Blackberry are Leprechaun’s Luck, Luck O’ The Irish, Big Ben, Hot Habanero, Painted Elephant, Diamond Dreams, Lucky Seven, and Roulette. Mecca Bingo are continuously updating their app with newer games, so, don’t be surprised if you come across a lot more games that you can play on your Blackberry.

Meanwhile, people with iOS and Android devices already have a huge selection of games that they can select from. Some of the more popular ones are Rainbow Riches, Cleopatra, Adventures in Wonderland, Deep Sea Treasure and Leprechaun’s Luck.

Mecca Bingo App Promotions

Mecca Bingo has a number of promotions for its app members as well. Starting with a promotion for new members, when you spend just £10 on any of their bingo games, they will give you £30 absolutely free. They also have a free newbie room where they let new members play bingo free. This promo is valid from the day you join and for seven days only. But, it’s more than enough to get a feel of what you can expect from them in the future.

Literally, there are awesome promos for every day of the week. So, if you happen to log in on Tuesday, you can enjoy their Twosday Tuesday promo where they give away free tickets on that day. The bingo room that you need to enter to enjoy this offer is Key to the Door. This promo is valid from 5:00 to 7:00 pm every Tuesday, and every time you buy one bingo ticket, you’ll be given another free of cost.

Since the promos and offers keep changing daily, weekly and monthly, keep coming back to Mecca Bingo to enjoy them to the fullest.